Online Marketing Project

The Bath House – Banya London

 The Challenge:

The Bath House is a new brand launched in 2019. We were asked to work on their online marketing project and create an overall marketing strategy for a new brand, as well create its identity and values. 

What we have done:

We maintained 100% consistency across all channels by creating a website, promotional materials and online content. The launch of The Bath House – Banya London spa in London, Belgravia has attracted a large audience. Since its opening, The Bath House has been a great success and boasted a high-profile clientele.  Bathhouse ranked #1 on TripAdvisor in November 2020, and was shortlisted for a prestigious ‘the Good Spa Award’. We’ve achieved these results together with this brand regardless of difficult times all spa industry endured in 2020. We continue to build on the initial success and help the brand develop and grow.

Areas Covered:

Strategy, Branding, Online Marketing, Digital, SEO, Content, Social Media, Email