Create a powerful AI Buyer Persona for your business

Target the right people and achieve better results using the latest AI-technology

Dealing with unopened emails, dismal click-through rates and low Facebook reach?

If this looks like a snapshot of your marketing dashboard, you’re not alone. Far too many businesses struggle with finding the right audience, platform, and message to support healthy sales and a positive ROI.

Before jumping to the next social media platform or disrupting an established marketing plan, consider that your problem might not lie in the wrong platform and tactics – it could be the wrong audience.

Creating buyer personas may seem like marketing nonsense or a waste of time. After all, it’s your business. Don’t you know your customers? The fact is, many business owners only see a sliver of the vast amounts of information about their perfect customer, and the lack of knowledge costs thousands of dollars a year in lost sales.

When you’re not addressing your ideal customer’s wishes and desires or solving their unique problems, your competitor is.

#1 Data-driven approach

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

A buyer persona isn’t a guess or a theory – it should be a highly researched, data-driven profile of individuals who are most likely to buy your product or service. Some key data points include:

  • Demographics: age, gender, location
  • Education
  • Income and job
  • Relationship status and family

Going a step further, the best personas dive into what makes this person tick: What are their future plans? Why would they choose your company? What problems do they have that you can solve? How can your business improve their life?

Sounds easy? While creating a buyer persona can be an eye-opening exercise, data that help you create a fine-tuned customer personality can be difficult to find, and what you can find may leave out critical information. Interviews, customer records, surveys are helpful but don’t tell you about their online behaviors, search patterns, and preferred platforms.

Oh, and don’t forget that buyer personas should be updated regularly to help your business stay relevant.

AI-backed buyer persona
AI buyer persona
#2 AI buyer persona

No more guesswork

Thanks to the power of AI, buyer personas are easier to create and maintain than ever before. Our artificial intelligence system helps you create robust, accurate buyer personas built by the best data available and makes it simple to update personas based on constantly changing information. Stay two steps ahead of your competitors with fully automated and 100% data-driven buyer personas.

By creating AI buyer personas, you can improve almost all aspects of sales and marketing.

  • 171% increase in marketing-generated revenue
  • 124% increase in leads from all channels combined
  • 46% increase in conversions

 With our AI system from mnemonic.ai, your personas stay accurate, up-to-date, and relevant through continuous updates from the system. Automation for your buyer persona saves hours of work and gives you the powerful data to turn your company’s marketing into a selling machine.

#3 Start ahead of competition

Know your customers before they know you

Discover the power of AI with our automated buyer persona creation services, and enjoy more qualified buyers and marketing success. Contact us today for a free business growth consultation with our team.

Your brand has a unique position in the market, and we design digital marketing strategies that amplify your values and ensure your brand targets the right people with relevant content that appeals to them.

AI buyer persona

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