Online Marketing Project

Morpheus Show UK

The Challenge:

Morpheus Show UK is an innovative performance art project online launched in the midst of pandemic in the UK. It offers participants an unusual story-telling experience where all of them experience the show blindfolded.  Allsopp Media had an ambitious task to create a digital marketing strategy and help the new brand enter the UK market. They asked to help create brand awareness as well as generate an initial stream of orders for this immersive online theatre company.

What we have done:

Allsopp Media started this task with creating a structured marketing strategy and plan, as it is crucial at the point of launching a new product. We diversified channels for the brand promotions and created a cohesive content plan for Morpheus Show website. Additionally, we used  PPC and paid social campaigns and optimised social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram. During the initial 3 months, we managed to boost  brand-awareness and generate a steady stream of orders for Morpheus. The new website went from having no visitors at all to over 10,000 visitors a month.

Morpheus Show project has received a lot of positive reviews from the well-known theatre critics. Moreover, the target audience has also eagerly accepted the new online format of entertainment and spread the word among friends about it. 

Areas Covered:

Strategy, Branding, Online Marketing, Digital, SEO, Content, Social Media, Email, Graphic Design