Email Marketing:

Personal, Powerful, Effective. 

Maximise your revenue with every email you send.

Maximise ROI from your email marketing activities

Are you looking to jump start your Mailchimp campaign, Klaviyo drip or to start engaging your B2B leads? 

We know what separates an email that converts from one that gets sent straight to the trash. We’ll help you integrate email campaigns into your overall marketing strategy, because we understand how effective this channel is in delivering leads, sales and maximising revenue.

#1 Personalise

Pesonalise your email campaigns and deliver content that get read

Personalisation is the key to turning your email marketing into a highly effective marketing channel. We take every email that you send, whether it’s a drip campaign or an email blast, and personalise it to each person. This means that you’ll see a lot less noise in your inbox and get the right message at the right time.

We can help you dominate search terms for your core business areas, increasing brand visibility and growing client acquisition.

email personalisation
email marketing services
# Get leads

Generate leads and increase sales with our email marketing services

We understand how effective email marketing is in delivering leads, sales and maximising revenue. We can help you gain clients using the latest tools and tactics.

#3 Re-engage customers

Emails are the best way to re-engage your customers

Get your emails opened, read and acted upon. We connect email marketing with lead nurturing to ensure you’re not just delivering sales material, but also keeping your customers happy.

We help to re-engage your customer base with sequences and automation, so you don’t need to think what to send to them next.

email loyalty
Email marketing services we offer
  • We analyse your data and adjust it to fit you future campaigns.
  • We prepare segments and help you determine which segment with which campaign to target.
  • We help you decide which content fits your needs better at a particular customer lifecycle stage.
  • If needed, we clear your old  database and structure it so that there’s less churn when sending your emails campaigns.
  • Whether you have a unique website design and want to incorporate your branding into your email campaigns or create a completely new branding for your emails, we are here to help.
  • All the newsletters created by us include  smart eye-catching layouts with strong calls to action to entice your audience.
  • We look into the health of your email lists, email campaigns performance and segments.
  • We provide you with reports on the key metrics so that you can get  valuable insights that shape your future email marketing strategy.
  • This way you can compare your email marketing performance to other channels, like PPC, social media or SEO and help you prioritise your marketing efforts and time.
  • We never send emails without a thorough testing.
  • We prioritise mobile user experience and check our emails on various devices.
  • We make sure emails look nice and optimise them for all major email systems and browsers.
Email marketing services pricing

Choose a plan that fits your needs best

Our pricing options for email marketing will depend on what how you’d like to work with us and what kind of outcome or deliverables you’d like to get as a result. We offer the following structure when working with our clients.

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