Predictive analytics: super-personalisation and segmentation

Mar 6, 2018

Predictive game analytics has come to rule the party

Every game business owner dreams of knowing their typical profitable client. In the past, there were several sources of getting this data and multiple people in the industry whose sole job was to analyse all the information about the regulars in games. A lot of money and effort, you will say. In the recent few years, the landscape of smart gaming target audience building and customer retention  has changed significantly. Predictive game analytics tools have entered the industry.

Now, to know your player, their habits, lifestyle, money matters and much more, you just need to use one programme. It does require some analysis, but most of the job is done in the background.

Segmentation and profiling

Full portrait of your game subscribers in their life cycle, starting from the moment they first joined your account has become available with the smart marketing analysis tools that were not available before.
Not only you don’t need to rely on average statistical data about your typical player, but you can send them such a personalised offer that they might think you read their mind somehow (based on their personal game preferences, spend and other factors).

Sounds interesting?

It’s all about predictive analytics in games. It’s like predicting the future, but without an array of analysts (or even clairvoyants).The concept of predictive analytics itself is not new, though. It came from the 1970’s when there was a need to analyse vast mass of data in the management information systems. It gradually moved to less specialised areas of business, and nowadays, predictive analytics tools in games can analyse past performance of a particular player and their behaviour and predict their specific response in the future in games.

The era of super-personalisation begins

That makes ‘super-segmentation’ and ‘super-personalisation’ possible. While in the past (even not so long ago), it was possible to create email campaigns and loyalty programs for more or less small segments of game clients, today the right marketing predictive analytics tools give you almost endless opportunities. We are talking VIP approach to each client you want to target, without hiring a team of statistical analysts and game mathematicians.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with Allsopp Media, and we will direct you in this magical world of ’super-personalised’ marketing campaigns in the gaming industry.

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