Benefits of social media contests for gaming brands

Jan 7, 2018

Benefits of social media contests for gaming websites

There are many possible directions online casinos and betting websites can take to entertain their audience, apart from the usual bonuses every casino owner has in place. One of creative ways to interact with your punters online is social media contests on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Instant feedback and communication with players

Let’s take online contests on Facebook as an example. Even though Facebook places many restrictions on advertising gambling businesses, there is still a good reason to run contests on the social networks. One of them is a way to remind your players about how open you are to communication and to encourage them to share instant feedback about your business. As Facebook is not a static entity, it’s much easier to vary the content you share with your players and get two-way communication flowing, and entertain them at the same time.

Increase players’ engagement and brand awareness

Contests and sweepstakes on social networks can contribute to your players’ engagement and increase brand awareness. The majority of online gaming websites have usual bonuses, and most of the time they look very similar: welcome bonus, some sort of loyalty bonuses, VIP clients offers. Social media contest can add a bit of spark and more variety to these bonuses and attract more clients.

Add some fun to your offers

Your gaming website might be full of fun activities already, but most of the time it’s a one to one experience when the user engages with your brand without sharing. If you want to add a social element to your sweepstakes, why not use hashtags-based content? One way of doing it is to ask your users some simple questions or a picture upload with a comment and hashtag that is easy to share. You can also ask them to share their opinion about certain games or experiences on your website and instantly gain valuable user feedback to improve their experience online in the future.

Get more traffic to your website

If you want to create more traffic to your gaming website, running contests on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can help you do this by asking entrants to fill in a form and adding some extra tasks to fulfil. For instance, they can get an entry each day by visiting your website or commenting every day. You can add daily clues for your website visitors so they can solve a puzzle or answer trivia questions on social media.

One of the main benefits of social media contests is adding an interaction element to your digital marketing strategy and also encouraging your userls to be more involved with your brand.

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