Email Marketing Still Matters

Sep 3, 2015

Email marketing – trusted communication tool

It might sound surprising, but in the age of all digital developing very fast, email is still playing the key role in attracting consumers and encourages them to make various transactions on millions of websites that use it as a communication channel to their clients. Email marketing has been around since the 90’s and since then a lot of things have changed, but one thing stayed – email campaigns deliver the biggest ROI to businesses, if designed correctly and targeted carefully.

Powerful channel

As MarketingSherpa Survey revealed, there is a very strong preference for email compared with all other communication channels. The national survey conducted in the US in January 2015 showed that 72% of adults have a strong preference for companies who communicate with them via emails, with only 17 % preferring social media and in-person communication. What does it mean for business owners? We will try to lay out some interesting facts in this post to direct you to the what’s happening in the email marketing world.

Targeted and personalised

In the recent years, it’s become vital to communicate with clients in the form of dialogue, rather than a monologue. For this, emails need to be very targeted and personal. So you won’t be sending an email to female users based on what your male clients like. It’s especially relevant for a gaming sector. As the Guardian game audience article points out, the female audience has expanded rapidly recently making almost a half of the world players, and there is a need to adjust a lot of marketing campaigns to this growing trend.

Email Union with Social Media

With the social media taking over many traditional forms of communication, it’s especially interesting to see how email campaigns will manage to integrate the social part as a means to a more effective spread of information and merge these 2 channels into an even more powerful tool. Emails tend to become more and more personalised, but they still lack personal feedback from users. Social media are capable of interacting with the public at a greater level and provide this essential feedback to companies.  People like to receive promotional offers via emails, and if it’s combined with entertaining content and various engaging contests on social media, it can provide your gaming clients with even more ways to be entertained, and increase their participation and their lifetime value for your brand. So the next step will be integration of these 2 powerful channels which is already happening for many online gaming brands.

Prediction Intelligence Analytics

One more important trend that is worth noting is predictive intelligence analytics – tool that allows you to target your clients based on what they do on your website. Behavioural analytics is the future of email marketing. Paired with the relevant content which can enable you to create more tailored and personalised 1 to 1 messages, your email marketing campaigns will result in more conversions, e.g more profit for your company and happy clients who won’t unsubscribe from irrelevant communication. The way predictive analytics tools work is based on observation and processing the data with exquisite statistical and mathematical models which can help to decide which content in your email can be the most interesting and perform the best.

Even though there is quite a lot going on in digital marketing, personalisation and catering for unique users’ experience and needs will be at the forefront of most future marketing campaigns.

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